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Sandgrens – Handcrafted Swedish Clogs, Clog Boots & Shearling Boots

Sandgrens is considered among the oldest clog brands in the world and we take pride in our exclusive collections of Swedish Clogs and Clog Boots for women and men. Whether you are looking for classic clog mules, clog boots, cute clog sandals, professional clogs, Sheepskin Boots or Shearling Boots, we will give you the latest trends in true Swedish Clog fashion. 

We are upholding traditions that date back to the 1800’s when Sandgrens was first founded as a leather tannery. To this day, we handcraft all our wooden shoes in Påryd, Sweden. Sandgrens’ collections of Swedish Clogs are created with high quality, timeless design, and creativity in mind. Each and every pair is handmade using natural materials, which gives each set a unique characteristic. We use high quality Italian and Dutch leathers, as well as the highest quality wooden bases available in order to uphold what our customers have come to expect from Sandgrens footwear. At Sandgrens, we are dedicated to creating outstanding wooden clogs that are fashionable, sophisticated, and comfortable, and doing so in a socially responsible way. 

You will find our Clog Boots on the streets of New York City and our clog sandals as far away as the beaches in Sydney. Although Clog Boots may not be what most people think of when they think of clogs, our Nubuc Clog Boots and Sheep Skin Boots, often called Shearling Boots, are widely popular among our customers and an important part of Sandgrens’ clog brand.  Within our vast catalog you will find that we have just the right style for you, whether it is a pair of fashion forward high heel clogs or one of our popular classic clog styles. Let us help you find the perfect pair of Wooden Clogs – your wardrobe and your feet will thank you for it!

Thank you for your support,

The Sandgrens team